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Friends of WellStreams Group

Therapy for Mind, Soul, and Body

Thrive Wellness Center features a variety of Health Practitioners to assist you toward a healthy balanced life. Whether you are in a difficult place in your life and need support or are seeking to improve yourself body, soul or spirit, we are here to walk with you on that journey. At Thrive Wellness, you will find Counselors with various specialties who partner with Health Practitioners that specialize in body health and wellness. Our goal is to work together to facilitate wellness from the inside out. Find out more about our practitioners here, and also check out our online resources available.

Af​ter the Storm

Bringing "health" back to mental health - After t​he Storm Mental Health Counseling's Patricia Paronett-Ballard provides quality holistic, wholistic, integrated care and collaborative education.

Sparrow Song Studios

We all have the same basic need and desire: to love and be loved. Through Spiritual Life Coaching, Sparrow Song Studios wants to help you with these needs, and help you to discover the path out of hiding. 

Grounded Bloom

Grounded Bloom specializes in reflexology, an integrative heath practice that encompasses whole-body wellness through non-invasive touch utilizing alternating pressure. The benefits are boundless.

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